Landscape Architecture
and Planning

Changing spaces
into places.

Pland Collaborative—formerly MRWM Landscape Architects—is a full-service landscape architecture and planning firm based in Albuquerque, New Mexico with a branch office in Lubbock, Texas. We are a forward-looking team that seeks to bring public awareness and innovation to the design of outdoor spaces in our changing world. We employ a holistic approach from initial concepts to final details, ensuring sophisticated, integrated solutions for even the most complex projects.  learn more >

Design & Planning on point.

Pland strives to reflect the cultural and natural beauty of the urban and rural settings within which we work. Over 50 years and 5,000 projects we have had the privilege to work across multiple countries, states, and cities, allowing us to connect with communities as diverse as our projects. We are proud of the continual evolution of our work as we adapt to the changing needs of our environment and its inhabitants. see our work >

What's New

Planning is believing

We believe people are at the heart of our work. By engaging the users of each project, we open the opportunity for them to help shape their own environment and imprint their collective identities on the spaces they inhabit. We create memorable spaces that become the settings in which life unfolds and experiences playout.


Supporting collaboration between landscape architects, planners, allied professionals, and less traditional roles, results in projects that push boundaries and lead to the development of spaces that can achieve more than any of us could imagine individually.