Landscape Architecture
and Planning

Our Story

Pland designs and plans environments for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, places that capture the imagination and stimulate the senses. We strive to make each of our projects compelling expressions of the cultures and ecosystems that compose them. They become the spaces in which we connect with nature, create bonds, challenge capabilities, and learn to imagine.

Rooted in the past.
Branching into the future.

Fifty years ago, Baker Morrow founded Baker H. Morrow Landscape Architecture and Urban Design. As partners were added over the years, the company came to be known as MRWM Landscape Architects. One of the first landscape architecture firms in the state, it is now the largest landscape architecture and planning firm in New Mexico with a collection of memorable landmarks to its credit. 

A new generation of landscape architects and planners now lead the way. MRWM has grown into Pland Collaborative. Still rooted in the legacy of its founders and the culture of New Mexico, Pland is working to meet the needs of the future. One where a landscape must be more than just beautiful. It must solve the complex challenges of our built environment and celebrate its unique opportunities. 

We are responsible.
We are responsive.

At Pland we are proud stewards of the land. We are caretakers entrusted with the development of engaging, yet responsible environments—havens that are memorable for both their commitment to resiliency and their ability to garner the love and respect of their communities. We complement our creativity with a diverse set of technical skills. This symbiosis of pragmatism and innovation is essential for the successful completion of complex projects. We are adept at working with clients independently and in tandem with large multi-disciplinary teams. Pland brings an open mind and a critical eye to the planning and design of the elegant spaces that serve their communities.