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CAD and Technology Manager

Pland Collaborative is a full-service landscape architecture and planning firm based in Albuquerque, NM with a branch office in Lubbock, TX. We are a forward-looking team that seeks to bring public awareness and innovation to the design of outdoor spaces in our changing world. We employ a holistic approach from initial concepts to final details, ensuring sophisticated, integrated solutions for even the most complex projects.

We seek a qualified and motivated applicant for a full-time CAD and Technology Manager position. As the CAD and Technology Manager, you will assume the combined roles of CAD management, technical guidance and training, in-house IT troubleshooting (coordinated with our IT service provider), and holistic management of the firm's design equipment, production capability, and quality for both our Albuquerque and Lubbock offices. You will also assist with direct project support as time allows.

Typical work responsibilities include:


  • Oversee and periodically audit the work of CAD users, making sure that drawings are legible and professional and adhere to NCS, Pland Collaborative, and other applicable client standards.
  • Assist firm leaders with identifying and resolving common and recurring QC issues in Construction Documents.
  • Maintain the Standard Specifications Library.
  • Manage, update, develop, and improve office CAD libraries and templates.
  • Establish standards and best practices for productivity across all software and hardware.
  • Provide continuous review of the CAD process workflow to identify improvements and enhancements.


  • Provide AutoCAD training.
  • Develop and manage training program for all software (modeling, GIS, graphics & visualizations, and hardware, including the scheduling of training by other team members.
  • Maintain the CAD Standards/Training Manual.
  • Learn the team's individual strengths, building on their weaknesses through training and mentoring.


  • Update and upgrade CAD and other applications.
  • Update firmware and software for other equipment (iPads, monitors, cameras, drones, etc.).
  • Manage, update, research, procure, and upgrade software licenses, subscriptions, and operations.
  • Maintain annual budget of software expenditures.
  • Stay up to date with the latest software, tools, and industry trends and make recommendations for software upgrades or improvements.


  • Maintain annual budget of equipment expenditures.
  • Ensure that computers, peripherals, printers and plotters are in good condition and operation.
  • Manage consumables and maintenance contracts with vendors for printers and plotters.
  • Manage current and surplus equipment inventory.
  • Recycle old equipment.
  • Research and procure new equipment.

Qualifications include:

  • Advanced skills in AutoCAD with experience in construction document production.
  • 5+ years of experience is preferred but not required.
  • Degree in drafting, landscape architecture, or a related design field.
  • Proficiency with MS Office software.
  • Proficiency with GIS, Adobe Creative Suite, and other design software is preferred but not required.

This is an in-person position at our Albuquerque office, with remote support of our branch office in Lubbock.

Located in Downtown Albuquerque, our studio is bright and open for collaboration and teamwork. We value hard work, but also like to play. We offer competitive compensation and benefits based on capabilities and experience. Please send resume to

Mid-Level Planner

At Pland Collaborative (formerly MRWM Landscape Architects) we create spaces that capture the imagination and stimulate the senses. We design and plan sites and communities for people of all ages, abilities, and interests to connect with nature, live, work, and play.  As a landscape architecture and planning firm in the desert Southwest, we consider both science and art to be our media and believe our built environment should be beautiful, resilient, innovative, and pragmatic.  We measure the success of our designs and strategies by their ability to solve the challenges of a community with simple and compelling solutions and strive to make projects elegant expressions of the cultures and ecosystems that compose them.  During 50 years of professional practice and the completion of nearly 5,000 projects, Pland has furthered the appreciation of landscape architecture and planning as a means of improving the quality of life in urban and rural settings throughout New Mexico and surrounding states.

We seek a qualified and motivated applicant for a full-time mid-level Planner position. As a mid-level Planner, you will participate in various local and regional planning and design activities. These include campus framework planning, outdoor recreation and resiliency planning, signage design and master planning, site planning for multiple types of uses, and more. Outreach and stakeholder engagement initiatives will be part of most of our projects. In addition, the Planner will support our office with graphic visualizations, GIS, and landscape architecture work.

Candidates must be reliable, energetic, self-motivated, possess strong communication and critical thinking skills, and the ability to take personal initiative in their work environment. Candidates must also have excellent written and verbal skills, be comfortable participating in and supporting public engagement activities, and possess the ability to learn new skills quickly. Proficiency with GIS, Adobe Creative Suite, and MS Office software is required. Proficiency with SketchUp, AutoCAD, and other design software is desired but not required.

A degree in urban or regional planning (or similar) from an accredited college or university is required, plus at least two (2) years of professional experience. A graduate degree may be considered equivalent to two (2) years of professional experience. AICP certification is desired but not required.

Additional skills or experience in environmental planning, transportation planning, sustainability and resiliency planning, outdoor recreation, historic preservation, graphic design, and other innovative skills are a plus.

This is a project management level position and requires the ability to independently provide a full range of planning services on projects of all sizes.  Typical work skills required include:

  • Preparation of planning documents and associated deliverables, including research, evaluation, design, and compilation of studies and other related documentation.
  • Project management and task coordination with other staff members.
  • Stakeholder engagement, meeting support, and facilitation.
  • Knowledge of regulatory processes and standards.
  • Working with other staff members in a team environment.
  • ndependently collaborate and communicate with clients and allied professionals.

Located in Downtown Albuquerque, our studio is bright and open for collaboration and teamwork.  We value hard work, but also like to play.  We offer competitive compensation and benefits based on capabilities and experience.  Please send resume and digital portfolio or relevant work samples to